Editorial Board: Dr. Jayme Yeo, Dr. Marcia McDonald, and Dr. Joel Overall

Spring 2017

This semester, the class worked on creating the website layout and design while working with the infomation collected from the Fall 2016 class to create videos for The Comedy of Errors.

Faculty: Joel Overall

Graduate Assistant: Alyssa Wynans

Website Design: Annie Hall, Aubrey Downing, Justice Slone, Justin Jolly

Website map: Emily Lewis

Coding: Elly Fell, Devin Bradbury, Emily Lewis

Songwriting: Daisy Briggs, Daisy Davis, Ivey Redding

History of NSF:Annie Hall, Karen Licudine

Acting: Rachel DeForest, Justin Jolly

Costumes: Elly Fell, Sophie Koorhan

Directing: Aubrey Downing, Callie McFee, Justice Slone

Content Managing: Annie Hall

Fall 2016

This class was involved with the collection of the photos and information about The Comedy of Errors. The class was divided into five groups: Photo, Interview, History, Scholarship, Mission Statement

Faculty: Dr. Marcia McDonald

Graduate Assistant: Alyssa Wynans

Kathleen Albritton, Ryan Barker, Samantha Binnie, Andrew Cox, Zacchaeus Dance, Aubrey Downing, Jamie Gray, Mia Gutierrez, Annie Hall, Kameron Johnson, Samuel Jones, Sarah Kuhn, Katherine Lee, Katherine McGregor, Lauren Mueller, Lily Norton, Adam Peters, Jacqueline Skokna, Natalie Souza, Mckenzie Wilkes, Kayla Young.